"HATCHfest- Asheville" Announces Dates

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – HATCHfest Asheville will launch its inaugural creative artists festival April 15-19, 2009, with events being held in prime downtown locations including Asheville Area Arts Council (front gallery), Echo Mountain Studios, Fine Arts Theatre, Pack Place and The Orange Peel. Film screenings, concerts and exhibits from groundbreaking artists from around the world will occupy these venues. HATCHfest’s mission is to encourage economic development through mentorship, educational panels and labs. All educational events will be free to the general public.

"The participation of some of the best artistic venues in Asheville is an exciting step towards this uniquely innovative and creative event," said Alison Watson, co-chair of HATCHfest Asheville. "The festival dates are set and we’re continuing to build our roster of emerging and established artists who will share their talents and mentoring abilities with aspiring artists from our community and beyond."

Watson said that the founding festival in Bozeman was an inspiration to her when she visited last October.

"The original HATCH is a great example of what creative minds can do when they collaborate. The founders are visionary and we really hope to develop a sister-city connection that nurtures artists and provides a platform for excellence."

The event will showcase some of the world’s best creative artists in film, music, architecture, technology, design, journalism, photography and fashion. Designed to develop and foster growth of creative minds through mentorship, HATCHfest has also become a catalyst for economic development.

"We hope HATCHfest is an event that contributes positively to Asheville not only from a cultural perspective but also as an economic driver," said Neal Reed, manager of the Fine Arts Theatre. "The artistic community of Asheville is a main attraction for visitors. The festival will highlight our thriving arts scene, reinforcing Asheville’s reputation as a creative hotspot."

The original HATCHfest was launched in Bozeman, Mont. and is held annually in the fall.

For additional information on HATCHfest Asheville, visit www.HATCHasheville.org

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